Shamrock Family

Aug 31, 2021

I know what you must be thinking, “Not another Coaches Corner!” I agree, but this time, it’s something that is much bigger than lacrosse. At the top of our logo, it says “Family.” Although it represents immediate kinship, we have always considered the lacrosse community a big part of our extended family. Today, we need the help and prayers from that extended family. I am very saddened to write about the passing of two Shamrock fathers. Alumni coach and player, Josh Adams’, had his father pass away late last week. Josh was an incredible coach and player for us and is currently serving his country in the United States Army. I am also saddened to write that Carter and Charlie Osborn’s father has passed away. Like Josh, the Osborn brothers are ideal Shamrock players and everything that a father would be proud of. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.   

I am also writing about a family who needs our help. Last week we received the following note from Stacie Bowerman, who has been a big part of our Shamrock family. “The craziness continues for us. Just wanted to send a note to let my lacrosse family know what is going on with us before it spreads otherwise. A little trouble finding e-mail contacts since it’s been a while. Please feel free to share to others. I have been fighting back pain for quite some time. What was originally diagnosed as arthritis and treated with pain meds and PT, has ended up being unexpectedly much worse. As we have been packing kids up and delivering them to various schools, we have worked around scheduling doctor’s appointments here and at Duke and getting scanned in every way possible, from head to toe. I have been diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer that has spread widely throughout my spine and ribs. A fracture of T10 vertebrae due to the spinal lesions is the cause of most of my pain. At this point I feel good – other than the back pain. We go to Duke next week to meet with lots of different doctors and develop a treatment plan. Finally making some progress on that front. Covid does have hospitals jammed up and even something as serious as a cancer diagnosis does not always push you to the front of the line for testing services. It’s been a little slower going than I would like, but things are starting to happen now. Friends at work are starting a meal train and ways to help for those that wish. Look for something in the next week or so probably on Facebook initially. A special request from the lacrosse community is to check in on my boys. This is very scary for all of us, but they are away from home and may need help and not ask for it. A few extra checks on how they are doing would make me feel better. And prayers for all of us.”

This year has been the first time I can remember that Stacie was not a team Mom/Manager since we started. Stacie is an incredible Shamrock parent and team Mom. She would always volunteer her time and cared about every boy, on every team. Stacie has asked for us to check in on her family and to keep her in our prayers. We are asking for your help and prayers as Stacie and the Bowerman family gets through this tough time. Over the next couple of days, we will be trying to organize a giving tree for the family. Unfortunately, they have been without an oven since March, and the expected date of arrival has been changed six times and on backorder. Meal gift cards will probably work best, so please let us know if you have any other suggestions or ways to help. Jenifer Meyer, who is another valued team Mom and manager, has offered to collect gift cards. You can contact Jenifer at 443-207-2294 to coordinate a drop off. There is also a link listed below. If possible, please send some words of encouragement and love. As most of you have realized by now, I am not a great writer and I wish I had the words to describe what Stacie and her family means to our community. Please consider helping in any way you can and also keep the Adams and Osborn family in your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Thanks again,
Eddie Jones